The origins of Metrobag begin 22 years ago when Mark Verrone moved from Wayne, New Jersey to Kennesaw, Georgia in hopes of starting a bag distribution business. With no customers, he set out door to door, finding companies that relied on plastic bags to keep their businesses running. It was in these early years that we learned the virtue of developing trust-based personal connections that our customers continue to rely on. In time, customers began requesting other necessary items from different categories, causing Metrobag’s variety of products to gradually expand. We soon realized that transitioning to wholesale redistribution, while continuing to add other disposables, would be the most efficient and effective way to meet our customer’s needs.

Today, in our spacious new facility in Hiram, GA, we personally service the majority of our customers from our own delivery trucks, usually with next day service. Specifically, we specialize in the janitorial, food service, cash and carry, and industrial markets. Even though we constantly invest in the latest technology, we haven’t forgotten the importance of the people part of our business. We believe in maintaining the same personal relationships we relied on in our earliest years to ensure that we’re able to assist customers in handling whatever needs may arise.

We sincerely thank God for the people we have had the opportunity to work with over the years, including our employees, customers, vendors, and our own families!