Gloves and Mask Online Orders

Due to disruption caused by the pandemic in the glove and face masks markets, you are not able to add either of these items to your online order for the foreseeable future. In order to add these to an online order, please call us at 770-435-2611 or contact your local sales rep to check on availability and current prices first and we will be happy to add the items to your order when possible.

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Foam Cups

Durable white foam in a variety of sizes for your specific needs. We carry variations such as car cups, tall cups and standard.

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About Metro Bag

Learn more about Metro Bag, how the business got its start and what makes Metro different!

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Hard to Find Can Liners

We carry can liners in extra wide and extra heavy duty grade for your specific needs in a variety of colors. They're bags considered hard to find.

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